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Monday, 31 December 2012

Class as usually

     Assalamualaikum guys ! Hope you'r in a good condition . Aminnn ~ At 31 Disember 2012 (Monday) was my last class in 2012 for BEL311's subject . For the next class is begin at 2013 . Yuhuuuu ~ Ok at the day Miss Zue ask us who was doesn't complete give the name to Athirah , must to do so at the day . Because Athirah is who write the list name and topic of essay .

     After that , my class was started with continue the presentation last class . There were 4 group doesn't complete their presentation last class . My partner and I also present at the day . This was because we change our topic so we needed to present again .

     However , Miss Zue doesn't accepted our topic . She say that our topic was too common like for BEL 120 . She want we to present in the next class . Oh my God ! I'm so stressed about this . Just God know what I feeling now . I dont know what the topic that I must choosen . I'm feel like to cry now ! Arghhh

     Although I feel so stress to search what the topic that I must choose , I must do the best for this essay . I must get the higher mark to cover my marks in final exam . I hope Allah may bless me always . Aminn ~

     After presentation , Miss Zue explain us about paraphrasing . She also give the exercises to we do and discuss at the next class . That's all for today . Thank youu :')



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