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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Continue presentation

     At 11 Disember 2012 (Tuesday) , my class for BEL 311's subject was started like before . We continue our presentation about four fact about our partner . That all sorts of mode and action shown by my friends . Its so fun ! 

     After finish all presentation , our lecturer Miss Zu gave us a new activity . The new activity is called " That's Shocking" . Miss Zu asked us to wrote four fact about ourselves that can make our friends shock . That's awesome right ! 

     In 15 minutes we wrote the fact . I think we read it by ourselves but Miss Zu told us that we must give the paper to classmate and your friends will read your four fact at in front . Before we gave the paper to our friends , Miss Zu asked we to create the paper like rocket's origami then fly it to our friends .

      When time to present , I'm so nervous . Suddenly , I heard that my facts was read by Wasim . I do face do not know like not about myself  that him read . However , my friends know that the facts was about me . Its so ashamed because I was wrote that I was easily to fall in love . But its not true . I just wrote ok ! I am difficult to fall in love . Cewah ! :P

     After he read , my turn to read the paper that I got . After I read at in front , my turn to guess who's paper belong to . My friends said it was Sara Safari and its true . The paper belongs to Sara . Then , Sara continued to read the paper that was she got .

     After finishing the activity , Miss Zu told us that our class for tomorrow at SL . She also told that tomorrow we must create a blog . That's all for today . Thank youuu ^___^


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