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Monday, 31 December 2012


     Assalamualaikum everyone !  At 17 Disember 2012(Monday) , my class for BEL311'S subject was started at 2 o'clock at Dewan Sri Peria . That was near with my college .

     Activity at the day was learning grammar . We learnt it again since school right ? Again ? Again and again about grammar . Huh ! However we still in confusing condition about grammar . Sorry Miss Zu I really blur about this . But I will try to improved my grammar , In sha Allah .

     At the day , Miss Zu explained it from beginning . It was so sleepy that time because I already learned it since primary school but it still the same because grammar is a bit confusing . Oh my God !

     Miss Zu always said we need to learnt something for our knowledge not for reward only . Thanks you Miss Zu , we will remember that . I will try my best to do something in my grammar and make it better . The class dismissed at 4 p.m.


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