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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Third day in class BEL311

      At 10 Disember 2012 (Monday) , was my third class for BEL311 . At the day , in Bel class we has a presentation by partner about my friend .  

     My partner is Nadia . In presentation , we must has 4 facts and the 1 fact must a lie . Then , at the last presentation , we must guess what the fact is lie . Really enjoy and funny , this was because all of the student in class to snatch want guess about the lie fact . Sometimes true and sometimes was wrong . In the same time , I do the some preparation for my presentation before my turn . (Dont angry ya Miss Zu) 

      At the day , was my turn to do the presentation . I and Nadia try to the best . Suddenly , when I come in front of the class I'm already feel tremble and I also want to lough . Seriously , I dont know why . Maybe this way how I can handle my nervous . Very botch ! When I talk , many thing about my grammar was wrong and Miss Zu help me to improve my grammar mistake . Thanks Miss Zu !

      Everything is ok . I and Nadia can talk in front of the class very well . Alhamdulillah ~ Thats all for today . Thank youuuu.. ^____^ ...


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