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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

My View Of Blogging

     Hello everyone ! I hope you all are good in condition . Amin ~ OK today I want to tell you about my view of blogging . At this semester , my lecturer for BEL311's subject ask me and my classmates to create a blog . My feeling ? I feel it fiendishly and boring . This is because I feel that I do not have time for update blogs every time after finished class . I do not like blogging . To me it waste my time for update blogs every day . It bores !

     Nevertheless , matter that I like on blogging is we could edit blogs has been pretty . Sometimes when I want edit blogs , it take time 2 to 3 days . All sorts of we could edit . Background that is beautiful make me always swap the background . HIHIHIHI ~

     Nevertheless , the task were given by my lecturer . So , I will make the best for this blog . I know it there is good why my lecturer order to me and classmates to create a blog . Wish me luck guys ! :)


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