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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

My View Of Writing

     Assalamualaikum :) First of all , I thank to God for still extended my age to continue my learning at this semester . This semester , I am in the third semester . At this semester , I learn BEL311's subject . The BEL311 course is a different ballgame altogether , compared to the previous two BEL course I had already undergone , namely the BEL120 and the BEL260 courses . While those courses worked on my proficiency , the BEL311 emphasises on the skills needed to produce an academic (term) paper at the end of the semester . Hence , all our class activities are geared towards that purpose.

     OK today i want tell you all about my view of writing .  I do not like write essay . To me it bores . Usually I only spirited make essay when examination or test . This is because I pretty weak in English language . Hence , I do not like write essay . But I likes to write essay in Malay because it are not difficult like writing essay in English . 

     Nevertheless , I must also learn to write essay in English because all subject that I take is in English . I am strives to enhance my capacity level in writing essay in English language . Therefore , I hope that in this semester , I can enhance my capacity in mastering English language . I also hoped that my lecturer in this semester , can give guidance that better than previously . :)


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