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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Create a blog

     Hello everyone ! I hope you all in a good condition . Okay , at 12 Disember 2012 (Wednesday) , my class BEL311's subject was started at Sri Laksamana . Miss Zu asked to us to create a blog .

     I had done to created my blog last week . Miss Zu told us to follow our friends in blog . So , at the day I just follow my friends in blog . I also help my friends to create a blog . My lecturer told to share our opinion with each others . Its good right !

     When we help each others , Miss Zu came to me and ask to looked my blog . She commented my grammar in blog . She said my grammar was very bad . Oh its so ashamed ! However , she taught me a little bit about basic of grammar such as singular and plural . Many that I study on that day about grammar . 

     Before my class ended , Miss Zu asked to us to search about one topic in newspaper and we must elaborate the point with our partner . My partner was Ani . Next week she want seven entries and one topic from newspaper and we will present the topic . That's all for today ! Thank you ^___^


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