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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

My first class BEL311

     Today , is my first class for BEL311 . On the day is raining day . I wonder who is my lecturer for BEL311's subjects . A few minutes ago, my lecturer arrived . My class on that day was held at Dewan Sri Peria.That is near with my college . My lecturer's name is Zuraidah Binti Sumery  . She lives at Batu Pahat , Johor . She is Javanese person but she very love English . She are a cheerful and energetic . Such a style that makes me feel not sleepy . 

     She was giving a speech in front , but we just keep quiet because we are just like that . Therefore, she told us to stand up and speak whatever sentence in English language . We provide a variety of answers such as 'I like k-pop' , 'I love my mum' , 'I feel sleepy' and many more . I also gave the answer like 'I live in Mersing' . I do not know what to answer at the time.  

     After that, she explained to us about the BEL311's subjects . In this subject , we must make on going assessment containing a written assignment (30%) , group discussion (20%) and online assignments (10%) . The final examination is made up of reading (20%) and writing (20%) . She also told us to bring the file each time when attend the class . In addition , she also told us to create a blog . She told us to update the blog after the class ended . 

     After finished explaining about BEL311 subject , she told us to make a circle called 'circles of the network' . We were made to know each other . It was very fun . We can exchange ideas and share experiences with each other . Although we already know our friends from semester 1 , but in a way that we can strengthen our relationship . After completion , we are allowed to return to their respective colleges .

     In this semester , I want to get a good results over the last semester . I also hope that my lecturer can teach me a lot of knowledge . :)


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