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Monday, 31 December 2012


     Assalamualaikum guys ! At 18 Disember 2012 (Tuesday) my class was started at block 'Usahawan' on 4p.m . The activity at the day was we need to present about our term paper outline with our partner .

      In addition , we must present three difference topic . For example , we must find the something news such as AES and road accidents from article , newspaper , data base , journal , and internet . We must search the new things , not the comman issues . For me it is very difficult . But we will  try our best . InsyaAllah ! 

     Besides that , she ask us which one the types of essay we can choose . Have five types of essay like are argumentative essay , cause and effects essays , compare and contrast essay , discussion and problem solve .

     My partner is Ani . So, the first partner at the day were Fatin and Atikah Kardi . However , Miss Zu was very disappointed with our presentation and she wants to continue the presentation tomorrow with better outline . The class at the day dismissed at 4 o'clock . 


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