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Monday, 31 December 2012


      Assalamualaikum guys ! At 19 Disember 2012 (Wednesday) my class was started like usually . My class was at CLL2 . At the day , Miss Zu want we continue presentation about yesterday . I feel so nervous that time because my partner and I  doesn't had a materials for our topic . 

     Fatin and Atikah Kardi are the firts presenter again . They want make sure that their topic was suitable for the types of essay that they was choosen . Many presentation that day that was Miss Zue accepted although she get mad at the day . I feel scary when I hear her voice . She looked very mad .

     For your information , Ani and I were present ten minute before the class ended . She doesn't complaint about our topic . But she just want Ani and I get the material for our topic .

     By the way , she had given some advice that she want this task was complete for the next year 2013 . That's all for today .Thank you :)


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