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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Sad Day :'(

     Assalamualaikum guys ! Firstly I want to wish Happy New Year for you all ! Hope at this year we are more better than past year . Amin InshaAllah ! Ok at 1 January 2013 (Tuesday) my class started at Block U . Today we were continue my presentation . First present was Sara and her partner . However , Miss Zue doesn't accept their topic . So pity ! 

     A few minutes ago , was my partner and I to present . I feel so nervous because I worried if Miss Zue doesn't accept my topic . But what I think its a real because Miss Zue doesn't accept my topic . She said that our topic was common . I went to my chair and I cried . I feel so sad because I'm so tired to do a same things everyday . I must find the new topic . Arghhh I feel want to scream at the time . After that , I message my mum and she said to me to be more patient . Hurmm I LOVE YOU MUM ! 

     After our presentation , Miss Zue learn us about paraphrasing and summarising . I think that summarising is easy rather than paraphrasing . Paraphrasing is so difficult . However , I must learn more about it . That's because for my future life .Miss Zue also give us the exercise to do .

     There are 5 simple steps that you should follow when summarising an article or short essay :
    M - Main ideas
     I - Identify supporting ideas
     D - disregard unimportant information
     A - Analyze redundant info
    S - Simplify, categorize and label important info

     That's all for today . Thank you :')


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