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Monday, 31 December 2012

Class as usually

     Assalamualaikum guys ! Hope you'r in a good condition . Aminnn ~ At 31 Disember 2012 (Monday) was my last class in 2012 for BEL311's subject . For the next class is begin at 2013 . Yuhuuuu ~ Ok at the day Miss Zue ask us who was doesn't complete give the name to Athirah , must to do so at the day . Because Athirah is who write the list name and topic of essay .

     After that , my class was started with continue the presentation last class . There were 4 group doesn't complete their presentation last class . My partner and I also present at the day . This was because we change our topic so we needed to present again .

     However , Miss Zue doesn't accepted our topic . She say that our topic was too common like for BEL 120 . She want we to present in the next class . Oh my God ! I'm so stressed about this . Just God know what I feeling now . I dont know what the topic that I must choosen . I'm feel like to cry now ! Arghhh

     Although I feel so stress to search what the topic that I must choose , I must do the best for this essay . I must get the higher mark to cover my marks in final exam . I hope Allah may bless me always . Aminn ~

     After presentation , Miss Zue explain us about paraphrasing . She also give the exercises to we do and discuss at the next class . That's all for today . Thank youu :')



      Assalamualaikum guys ! At 19 Disember 2012 (Wednesday) my class was started like usually . My class was at CLL2 . At the day , Miss Zu want we continue presentation about yesterday . I feel so nervous that time because my partner and I  doesn't had a materials for our topic . 

     Fatin and Atikah Kardi are the firts presenter again . They want make sure that their topic was suitable for the types of essay that they was choosen . Many presentation that day that was Miss Zue accepted although she get mad at the day . I feel scary when I hear her voice . She looked very mad .

     For your information , Ani and I were present ten minute before the class ended . She doesn't complaint about our topic . But she just want Ani and I get the material for our topic .

     By the way , she had given some advice that she want this task was complete for the next year 2013 . That's all for today .Thank you :)


     Assalamualaikum guys ! At 18 Disember 2012 (Tuesday) my class was started at block 'Usahawan' on 4p.m . The activity at the day was we need to present about our term paper outline with our partner .

      In addition , we must present three difference topic . For example , we must find the something news such as AES and road accidents from article , newspaper , data base , journal , and internet . We must search the new things , not the comman issues . For me it is very difficult . But we will  try our best . InsyaAllah ! 

     Besides that , she ask us which one the types of essay we can choose . Have five types of essay like are argumentative essay , cause and effects essays , compare and contrast essay , discussion and problem solve .

     My partner is Ani . So, the first partner at the day were Fatin and Atikah Kardi . However , Miss Zu was very disappointed with our presentation and she wants to continue the presentation tomorrow with better outline . The class at the day dismissed at 4 o'clock . 


     Assalamualaikum everyone !  At 17 Disember 2012(Monday) , my class for BEL311'S subject was started at 2 o'clock at Dewan Sri Peria . That was near with my college .

     Activity at the day was learning grammar . We learnt it again since school right ? Again ? Again and again about grammar . Huh ! However we still in confusing condition about grammar . Sorry Miss Zu I really blur about this . But I will try to improved my grammar , In sha Allah .

     At the day , Miss Zu explained it from beginning . It was so sleepy that time because I already learned it since primary school but it still the same because grammar is a bit confusing . Oh my God !

     Miss Zu always said we need to learnt something for our knowledge not for reward only . Thanks you Miss Zu , we will remember that . I will try my best to do something in my grammar and make it better . The class dismissed at 4 p.m.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Create a blog

     Hello everyone ! I hope you all in a good condition . Okay , at 12 Disember 2012 (Wednesday) , my class BEL311's subject was started at Sri Laksamana . Miss Zu asked to us to create a blog .

     I had done to created my blog last week . Miss Zu told us to follow our friends in blog . So , at the day I just follow my friends in blog . I also help my friends to create a blog . My lecturer told to share our opinion with each others . Its good right !

     When we help each others , Miss Zu came to me and ask to looked my blog . She commented my grammar in blog . She said my grammar was very bad . Oh its so ashamed ! However , she taught me a little bit about basic of grammar such as singular and plural . Many that I study on that day about grammar . 

     Before my class ended , Miss Zu asked to us to search about one topic in newspaper and we must elaborate the point with our partner . My partner was Ani . Next week she want seven entries and one topic from newspaper and we will present the topic . That's all for today ! Thank you ^___^

Continue presentation

     At 11 Disember 2012 (Tuesday) , my class for BEL 311's subject was started like before . We continue our presentation about four fact about our partner . That all sorts of mode and action shown by my friends . Its so fun ! 

     After finish all presentation , our lecturer Miss Zu gave us a new activity . The new activity is called " That's Shocking" . Miss Zu asked us to wrote four fact about ourselves that can make our friends shock . That's awesome right ! 

     In 15 minutes we wrote the fact . I think we read it by ourselves but Miss Zu told us that we must give the paper to classmate and your friends will read your four fact at in front . Before we gave the paper to our friends , Miss Zu asked we to create the paper like rocket's origami then fly it to our friends .

      When time to present , I'm so nervous . Suddenly , I heard that my facts was read by Wasim . I do face do not know like not about myself  that him read . However , my friends know that the facts was about me . Its so ashamed because I was wrote that I was easily to fall in love . But its not true . I just wrote ok ! I am difficult to fall in love . Cewah ! :P

     After he read , my turn to read the paper that I got . After I read at in front , my turn to guess who's paper belong to . My friends said it was Sara Safari and its true . The paper belongs to Sara . Then , Sara continued to read the paper that was she got .

     After finishing the activity , Miss Zu told us that our class for tomorrow at SL . She also told that tomorrow we must create a blog . That's all for today . Thank youuu ^___^

Third day in class BEL311

      At 10 Disember 2012 (Monday) , was my third class for BEL311 . At the day , in Bel class we has a presentation by partner about my friend .  

     My partner is Nadia . In presentation , we must has 4 facts and the 1 fact must a lie . Then , at the last presentation , we must guess what the fact is lie . Really enjoy and funny , this was because all of the student in class to snatch want guess about the lie fact . Sometimes true and sometimes was wrong . In the same time , I do the some preparation for my presentation before my turn . (Dont angry ya Miss Zu) 

      At the day , was my turn to do the presentation . I and Nadia try to the best . Suddenly , when I come in front of the class I'm already feel tremble and I also want to lough . Seriously , I dont know why . Maybe this way how I can handle my nervous . Very botch ! When I talk , many thing about my grammar was wrong and Miss Zu help me to improve my grammar mistake . Thanks Miss Zu !

      Everything is ok . I and Nadia can talk in front of the class very well . Alhamdulillah ~ Thats all for today . Thank youuuu.. ^____^ ...

Second class for BEL 311

     Assalamualaikum everyone ! 4 Disember 2012 (Tuesday) was my second day for Bell 311 class . My class was started at U214 . At the day , Miss Zu just asked about writing . She told about argumentative , compare and contrast and discussion . She also said about our on going assessment and mark for assessment . She told for outline - 5 marks , for draft it divided by two first and second - 10 marks and final project - 15 marks . 

     After Miss Zu done explained all that , she gave a new activity to us . The name of activity was 4 fact about your friends . She asked we to counted from 1 until 14 . I am the second and my partner was Nadia . Miss Zu was explained to us how to do the activity . She said that this activity we must do tomorrow and she will call any number from 1 until 14 to present at in front . 

     Seriously , I am so nervous and get ready for tomorrow . I hope I can do my best for this activity with my partner Nadia . Thats all for today ! Thank you ^___^

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

My first class BEL311

     Today , is my first class for BEL311 . On the day is raining day . I wonder who is my lecturer for BEL311's subjects . A few minutes ago, my lecturer arrived . My class on that day was held at Dewan Sri Peria.That is near with my college . My lecturer's name is Zuraidah Binti Sumery  . She lives at Batu Pahat , Johor . She is Javanese person but she very love English . She are a cheerful and energetic . Such a style that makes me feel not sleepy . 

     She was giving a speech in front , but we just keep quiet because we are just like that . Therefore, she told us to stand up and speak whatever sentence in English language . We provide a variety of answers such as 'I like k-pop' , 'I love my mum' , 'I feel sleepy' and many more . I also gave the answer like 'I live in Mersing' . I do not know what to answer at the time.  

     After that, she explained to us about the BEL311's subjects . In this subject , we must make on going assessment containing a written assignment (30%) , group discussion (20%) and online assignments (10%) . The final examination is made up of reading (20%) and writing (20%) . She also told us to bring the file each time when attend the class . In addition , she also told us to create a blog . She told us to update the blog after the class ended . 

     After finished explaining about BEL311 subject , she told us to make a circle called 'circles of the network' . We were made to know each other . It was very fun . We can exchange ideas and share experiences with each other . Although we already know our friends from semester 1 , but in a way that we can strengthen our relationship . After completion , we are allowed to return to their respective colleges .

     In this semester , I want to get a good results over the last semester . I also hope that my lecturer can teach me a lot of knowledge . :)

My View Of Blogging

     Hello everyone ! I hope you all are good in condition . Amin ~ OK today I want to tell you about my view of blogging . At this semester , my lecturer for BEL311's subject ask me and my classmates to create a blog . My feeling ? I feel it fiendishly and boring . This is because I feel that I do not have time for update blogs every time after finished class . I do not like blogging . To me it waste my time for update blogs every day . It bores !

     Nevertheless , matter that I like on blogging is we could edit blogs has been pretty . Sometimes when I want edit blogs , it take time 2 to 3 days . All sorts of we could edit . Background that is beautiful make me always swap the background . HIHIHIHI ~

     Nevertheless , the task were given by my lecturer . So , I will make the best for this blog . I know it there is good why my lecturer order to me and classmates to create a blog . Wish me luck guys ! :)

My View Of Writing

     Assalamualaikum :) First of all , I thank to God for still extended my age to continue my learning at this semester . This semester , I am in the third semester . At this semester , I learn BEL311's subject . The BEL311 course is a different ballgame altogether , compared to the previous two BEL course I had already undergone , namely the BEL120 and the BEL260 courses . While those courses worked on my proficiency , the BEL311 emphasises on the skills needed to produce an academic (term) paper at the end of the semester . Hence , all our class activities are geared towards that purpose.

     OK today i want tell you all about my view of writing .  I do not like write essay . To me it bores . Usually I only spirited make essay when examination or test . This is because I pretty weak in English language . Hence , I do not like write essay . But I likes to write essay in Malay because it are not difficult like writing essay in English . 

     Nevertheless , I must also learn to write essay in English because all subject that I take is in English . I am strives to enhance my capacity level in writing essay in English language . Therefore , I hope that in this semester , I can enhance my capacity in mastering English language . I also hoped that my lecturer in this semester , can give guidance that better than previously . :)

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