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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Second class for BEL 311

     Assalamualaikum everyone ! 4 Disember 2012 (Tuesday) was my second day for Bell 311 class . My class was started at U214 . At the day , Miss Zu just asked about writing . She told about argumentative , compare and contrast and discussion . She also said about our on going assessment and mark for assessment . She told for outline - 5 marks , for draft it divided by two first and second - 10 marks and final project - 15 marks . 

     After Miss Zu done explained all that , she gave a new activity to us . The name of activity was 4 fact about your friends . She asked we to counted from 1 until 14 . I am the second and my partner was Nadia . Miss Zu was explained to us how to do the activity . She said that this activity we must do tomorrow and she will call any number from 1 until 14 to present at in front . 

     Seriously , I am so nervous and get ready for tomorrow . I hope I can do my best for this activity with my partner Nadia . Thats all for today ! Thank you ^___^


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