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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

References and Forum

 Assalamualaikum :)

     Today we learn about references . When we doing a draft for essays , we must have a references . This is for the evident , that our quotes is true . Miss Zue had explained it one by one . Miss Zue had use textbook BEL311 as the example . After explained , Miss Zu ask us to make it before submit the draft . 

     After that , Miss Zue was doing a forum session . I am group no 4 , and my group members were Inayah , Faten , Fikri and Wasim . Alhamdulillah , they are very talkative person and I am very like to work with them . We got a topic about 'How to reduce electricity usage' . We search in the internet about that title and we get some ideas to do in the forum . So , in the forum Fikri act as the moderator and the others are the panel . Miss Zue give a time to discuss with the group and she ask to present it tomorrow .

     Thats all for today ! Thank you :D

Monday, 25 February 2013

Commenting Faiz Adha & Fikri's draft

Assalamualaikum :)

     Today I feel so awesome because Miss Zue had a good mood maybe . Miss Zue also gives back our outlining . Farahani and I only had 3.75/ 5 . Hurmm so pity because we just do not put intext citation . So careless ok ! GRRRRRR !

     After that , Miss Zue ask us to change our draft to others . Our draft had changed with Faiz Adha and Fikri . Miss Zue ask us to help other friends to fix and make correction on their draft . After we finished commenting , Miss Zue want us to put the draft that have been commenting to our blog . I think the class for today was very relaxing . I like it !

     As usual before class ended , Miss Zue ask us to comment on others blogs but we still do not commenting and only a few of us do that . Miss Zue also want reflection from us and we must write it on blog . That's all for today . Thank you :D

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

See the block pattern

Assalamualaikum :)

     Today our class was started at CLL . Today as what Miss Zue said in yesterday she wants to check our blog . However , Alhamdulillah she didn't check our blog . Hehehe :P Eventhough I had done my updating in my blog but I still scared to give Miss Zue check my blog . I know I had glaring grammatical errors . Insyaallah with updating in this I can repair my grammar and try to find a new words .

     OK today Miss Zue had teach us about Cause & Effect Essays . We learn about the block pattern of organisation . There are many different block patterns but we only take 5 pattern .


Causes 1  

Causes 2 

Causes 3

Transition Paragraph, concluding the section on causes

Effects 1 

Effects 2 

Effects 3


Causes with topic sentences

Transition paragraph concluding the section on causes

Effects 1  

Effects 2  

Effects 3


Effects with topic sentences

Transition paragraph concluding the section on effects

Cause 1  

Cause 2  

Cause 3 


Causes 1 

Causes 2 

Causes 3


Effects 1  

Effects 2 

Effects 3

      Miss Zue had explained one by one to us . Now I understand about the pattern . I more prefer to choose pattern No.4 and 5 because it quite easy . 

     After that , Miss Zue had divided us to a 5 group same as the block pattern . My group members were Ani , Ana , Tira , Ita , Nadia and Nadiah Salihin . Then , she give us the pattern and I got pattern No.4 . She plays a video and we have try to guess what are the causes and effect that we can get in the video . The video to be our title for essay was very awesome but it hard for us do finished it on time because it has been a long time for us not writing an essay in class . My group essay was about 'hallucination' . 

     After we done the essay we have to give it to miss zu to check it . Before the class ended Miss Zue remind us to do quizzes , the first draft and updating our blog on weekend .That's all for today . Thank you :D

Monday, 18 February 2013


     Assalamualaikum guys ! :) Today my class was started at Dewan Sri Peria . Today Miss Zue teach us about Inferences . This is for the reading section in final paper .

     Inferences is what you read between the lines or the author want you , as a reader to guess what actually he or she mean . For example : When we see someone have a big house or big car , we will make assumption that he or she is rich but we don't even know that he or she is rich or not . That's called Inferences . When we read something our inside voices will :

  • make guesses

  • find connecting point

  • ask question

  • make prediction

  • personalize the reading 

  • uses background knowledge to interpret.

     To make us more understand what's Inferences , Miss Zue was created one game that's called "Who Kill Mr Boddy ? " . Miss Zu give us a card that have a picture where Mr Boody being kill , what kind of weapon of Mr Boody being kill , and How kill Mr Boddy . Everyone got a different card and we have to check one by one card . So, we need to guess and make prediction or assumption based on the clues that Miss zu gave . I think my classmates don't understand how to played the game . Lastly , Wasim was solved the problem . I think he know this game because he had done this game last semester . So , he had an experience .

     Then , Miss Zue prepared another game . We have been divided into 5 group and my members group were Inayah , Eyka Kardi and Wasim . At this game we also need to guess what happen next . Miss zue were played the video clip of Toy story3  , Walk to remember and Grenade by Bruno Mars . Honestly , I dont like to watch English Movie or video clip . So , I doesn't saw these video before . 

     My group got only 1.5 marks . Huhu So pity right ! We just got one correct answers . Sorry for my members group because I doesn't give the best in our group . 

     Before class dismissed , Miss Zue said that tomorrow she doesn't enter to the class . So , we just need to complete our blog because Miss Zue want to see our blog at the next class . Class dismissed at 4p.m . That's all for today . Thank you :)


Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Outlining was Accepted

     Assalamualaikum ! Today our class was started at 4 o'clock at Lab . Miss Zue ask us for those had done the outline had to checked others group outline . My outline had done . So , Farahani and I had checked Sara and Syafiqah's outline . 

     We doesn't know how to commented . I ask to Sara to teach me how to commented . Sara and Syafiqah were teach me how to commented . They said we must comment especially format . Thank you both of you ! :)  

     Eventhough they were teaching us , they also had mistake on their outline but not too much . So , I had helped them to repair their outline and Farahani had checked their outline on rephrase .  

     After done , I take my outline that had done commented by Sara and Syafiqah . Our outline also had many mistake . Especially format ! We reject our outline and then we repair , edit and print a new one . That's all for today . Thank you :D

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Outlining Again !

     Assalamualaikum ! :) Today we were still focused on outline . Today we had to bring a laptop to the class again . Farahani and I had done the outline yesterday because we don't have a class at 4-6 pm . Miss Zu entered the class and check the group that Miss Zu didn't check yesterday . She want us do the best . She taught us a lot of things and correct our mistake . Thanks Miss Zue ! We love you <3 

     Farahani and I was excited to checked with Miss Zue because we want to completed our term paper early . After check one by one , Miss Zue checked our outline and Alhamdulillah she satisfied . ^____^ After that , we decide to print it and try to submit on Wednesday because on Thursday I want back home . Yeahhhh !  

     Before class dismissed , Miss Zue also said that tomorrow is the last day for us to asked her question about the outline term paper and who doesn't completed their outline , they need finished the outline before Friday . That's all for today . Thank you :)

Monday, 4 February 2013

Checked Outline Term Paper

     Assalamualaikum guys ! :) Today my class was started at Dewan Seri Peria that's neared with my college . Today we bring the laptop because it easy to Miss Zue check our outlining . 

     Today , Miss Zue just checked our outlining one by one . I and Farahani had done for term paper . However , we still not confident that our term paper was correct or not . 

     When Miss Zue checked my thesis statement , as usual it still had a mistake . We need to do correction . The mistake were we do not rephrasing and summarizing on quotation . We accept it ! 

     Then according our mistake , we also checked other friends outlining . Miss Zu also said if we did a wrong format our marks will (-5marks) . So , it means if 5 wrong (-25marks) . Ohh its too much right ? So , I need to do the term paper more better than before . 

     Before class dismissed , she also said that this outline must be passed up this week on Friday . That's all for today . Thank you :)

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