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Love Is Simple

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Commented Friend's Blog

      Assalamualaikum :) At 9 January ( Wednesday ) , my class was started as usually at Sri laksamana in computer lab . At the day , Miss Zue ask us to commented others blog . She said we must to give a valuable comments to others classmate's blogs with a proper sentences . 

     Before we proceed , Miss Zue ask us to update or edit our blog before commented each others . She give us 1 hour to update our last entry that about the steps when choosing a topic for term paper before we publish it . We have to include the steps , the link of materials , all the materials and also the difficulties when choosing the topic . I doesn't finish my entry , so the time that Miss Zue give I used to edit it .

     When we were doing update our entry , Miss Zue also ask us to check our title properly because she said that after this she will not even care to do a correction about it again . After we finished update our last entry , Miss Zue ask us to commented each others . Before commented , we must following each others blogs so that it easier for us to commented . 

      For fair and to avoid that we doesn't give a comments on our friend's blog , my group which were Ana , Athirah , Syafiqah , Ani , Izani , Hakimah and Wawa needs to commented the other side group which were Asnawi , Faiz Mida , Eyka , Adibah , Atika and Fatin . We must give an appropriate and motivated them to write a better entry . We were absolutely not allowed to critics and make them feel down . We must give an idea to them , praise them and help them to improve their writing . That's all for today ! Thank youuu :D


  1. your title love is simple isn't it? why love is simple? wakaka :D


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