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Friday, 4 January 2013

Class at lab

     Assalamualaikum guys ! Hope today in a good condition . Ok at 2 January 2013 (Wednesday) my class was started at CLL2 . That's near with my college . At the day , Miss Zue ask us to open online quizes at I-learn . She ask to do the assestment before 13 January 2013 .

     After that , she teach us about paraphrasing and find the main topic . As usually I think paraphrasing is more difficult rather than find the main topic . Find the main topic is simple and I think I can do it . Hehehe ~ Alhamdulillah ! 

     Miss Zue also ask my partner and I to get ready the topic for presentation at the next class . She ask us to find more topic to backup other topic . I doesn't prepare anything . Fuhh ! So stress ! Class dismissed at 6 o'clock . That's all for today . Thank you :'D


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