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Sunday, 6 January 2013

My topic had been accepted

     Assalamualaikum guys ! At 7 January 2013 (Monday) our class was started at Dewan Sri Peria . At the day , Miss Zue ask us to bring a laptop to class to update a blog . Our class started at 2 o'clock .

     Our class started with my group presentation and Sara's group . Alhamdulillah , with our effort Miss Zue accepted our topic eventhough my title needed to changed . Fuhhh ! Our topic is authorization of bringing handphone to secondary school students is it really beneficial or a nuisance . I'm feel so happy at the time !

      After that , Miss Zue ask us to went to library because at DSP doesn't had wireless . So we need to went to library . But at library also doesn't had wireless . Miss Zue ask the students who doesn't had broadband must use a computer at computer lab in library . Glad that I had broadband . So pity to my friends who doesn't had broadband .

That's me and Ani :D

      At the day , we just needed to update a blog and comment to friend's blog . Miss Zue also ask us to do assestment before 13 January 2013 . That's all for today . Thank youuu :D


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