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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Presentation for Thesis Statement & Introduction

     Assalamualaikum guys ! :) Today we were going to present a thesis statement and introduction . I hate this part because its not easy to make Miss Zue satisfied with our presentation . Huh ! 

     Before start the presentation , as usual Miss Zue ask for a volunteer to present the thesis statement . The class being so silent . Then , syukur Alhamdulillah Fikri and Faiz Adha volunteer to present their thesis statement first . However , Miss Zue was complained about their thesis statement and she was rejected it . So pity ! I understand what their feeling . :( 

     After that , Miss Zue ask to Fikri and Faiz Adha to called a name to present . They called Salihin and Faiz . Their topics about corruption and their thesis statement was so long . It make me feel so nervous because my thesis statement was so short and simple . Although their thesis statement was so long , Miss Zue was rejected . She said she know that Salihin and Faiz was copied from their material or on other word is Plagiarism . However , Miss Zue said that their thesis statement was so good and they just need to change a little bit . So , their statement was been accepted . Congrats ! :)

     The next partner were Acap and Asnawi . But they still not done with their thesis statement . So , the next partner were Izani , Syafiqah Azmi and Hakimah . After they present , Miss Zue get angry because she know that they do plagiarism . So , their thesis statement was rejected . 

     The next partner who are so lucky were Atikah and Adibah because Miss Zue was accepted their thesis statement . Congrats to both of you ! :) Then , Bariah and Inayah presented and follow by Nina and Wawa . Both of them , their thesis statement also have been accepted . 

     Today my group was not presented . The presented was continued at the next class . Before the class ended , Miss Zue ask us that tomorrow she do not enter to class . However , Miss Zue ask us to have a class at the library to make the thesis statement . We have to find our own group , for those people that make an argumentative essays have to discuss the pattern to make an thesis statement . 

     That's all for today . Thank you ! :D


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