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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Thesis Statement was Accepted :)

      Assalamualaikum guys ! :) Today we had to continued our presentation about thesis statement . As what I saw , Miss Zue's mood was not really good . She getting angry when they see cause and effect group presentation . It make me feel so nervous and scared to present my thesis statement .

     However , today I feel so happy ! Why ? Jeng Jeng Jeng ! My thesis statement was accepted . Alhamdulillah ! :D

Three thesis statement that we prepared which were :

1)  Although the government authorized students to bring hand phone to school, there are strong claims that bringing hand phone to school will bring more negative result than positive ones .

2) However, hand phone has become one of the major addictions among secondary school students, although it can cause many social problems like take and share pornographic pictures or videos .

3) Due to the various negative impact and shortcomings they bring, bringing hand phone school are not allowed .


     The thesis statement that Miss Zu had been accepted was number 1 . After that we have to make an introduction . That's all for today ! Thank you :D



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