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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Check the introduction

     Assalamualaikum ! :) Today we continued the presentation about thesis statement . Today only 2 partner will present were Ita's group and Asnawi's group . When Asnawi's group presented their thesis statement , Miss Zue was very angry because their thesis statement was wrong . Miss Zue ask us "What mistake that you all can see on their thesis statement ?" We just silent because we dont know what the mistake in Asnawi's thesis statement . That's make Miss Zue more angry . Fuhh ! At last , Miss Zue who are the one that helped them to correct their thesis statement . 

     After done with presented about thesis statement , we proceed with the introduction . Miss Zue was checked our introduction one by one .  I feel so nervous because I scared if Miss Zue will rejected my introduction . Although my introduction was so long , but I still not confident with my introduction . So , I and Farahani prepared 2 others introduction with 2 hook which were statistics and rheotorical question . I hope Miss Zue will accepted it . Insyallah !

      Before the class dismissed , Miss Zue ask us to make an outlining . She said she want us to be independent to do the outlining without she need to correct it because she tired to correct our mistakes one by one . I think what she said is true. We are University students . So , we need to be more independent . She also give us the example as a reference . Hope we all can do it correctly . Insyaallah ! That's all for today . Thank you :D 


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