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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Fact & opinion

     Assalamualaikum guys ! At 8 January 2013 (Tuesday) , my class was started as usually . In the first class , Miss Zue ask Nadia to open her blog . Miss Zue was unsatisfied with Nadia's blog . Ohh her blog was same like my blog . Hoho ~ Miss Zue ask us to put some picture or any link to make our blog interesting . Sorry Miss Zue ! We can improve our blog next time . After Miss Zue saw Nadia's blog , Miss Zue remind to us that tomorrow we must comment our friends blog .

     Then Miss Zue continued with lesson today . At the day , we learnt about facts and opinion . I like to learn this because in my opinion facts and opinion quiet easy than another learning . Ok I want to tell you what's fact and opinion . Fact is a specific detail that can be proven as true based on objective evidence . While , opinion is a feeling of judgement , belief or conclusion that cannot be proven true by evidence . 

     After that , Miss Zue was prepared one game that included about fact and opinion . Miss Zue was devided us to 6 group . My group was number 6 . My members group were Fatin , Wasim and Nina


 TADAAAAA !!! The box that contains many product .



     Miss Zue ask us to become a seller . The product that our group choose was Johnson's baby powder .



     Our tasked was to do 5 facts and opinions and be the seller at in front . After that , we must asked to friends and asked to them to guess whether were facts or opinions . 

     The winner were Nadia's group that included Izani , Faiz , Faiz Adha and Sarah . Congrats ! Class dismissed at 6 o'clock . That's all for today . Thank you :D

     That's link that contain exercises about fact & opinion :) 

=> http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/007256380x/student_view0/part4/chapter13/supplemental_exercises_1.html


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