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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Class without Miss Zue

     Assalamualaikum guys ! Today our class at PTDI 1 . Today Miss Zue was not entered to class . However , we must came to class because Miss Zue said who did not came to class , our BEL311 will FAIL ! Ohh its scary right ? So , we need to came to the class and make a discussion about the thesis statement .

     My group discussion for Argumentative essay were Faiz Adha and Fikri , Atikah Kardi and Fatin , Nadiah Solihin and Nadia Zamri and also Sarah and Syafiqah Salleh . 

     As we know our mistake yesterday , my partner and I needed to repair our thesis statement to become more better and make Miss Zue satisfied to our thesis statement . Alhamdulillah its better than before . So , we just need to present at the next class .

     After that , we helped others thesis statement . We were changed our opinion with each others . Class ended at 6 p.m. That's all for today . Thank you ! :)


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