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Monday, 11 March 2013

Trial for speaking test

Assalamualaikum :)

      Today our class at Dewan Sri Peria. Before we start our class, Miss Zue ask us how many students go to the Persada, JB. Half of us go to Persada, JB tomorrow. Miss Zue want to start the speaking test tomorrow but many group were not enough members because they are going to Persada. 

     So, Miss Zue told us what time we should attend to do the speaking test on Wednesday and Thursday night. Nabila's group are the lucky one because they will test tomorrow evening. Good luck for you all! Do the best ok ? :D

     After that, Miss Zue continued the try and error activity. As usual, Miss Zue was picked one group to do the practice for today. Rozita's group was the lucky one who needed to do a practice for the speaking test. 

     Before we started with practice speaking test from Rozita's group, Miss Zue asked to us that we do some practice or not. My classmates said no. But, my group which are including Sarah, Eyka Kardi and Nina had done do a practice for speaking test before. Even though we had done do a practice, Miss Zue feel disappointed with us because she did'nt know that my group had done do a practice. 

     After that, Miss continued the practice from Rozita's group and give them mark. Miss Zue said they got a good mark. In total Adiba and Rozita got 14 over 20, Pyka 12 and Wasim 13. Miss Zue hope that during the speaking test they will be better. 

     Our class dismissed at 4.00 p.m. That's all for today! Thank you :D


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