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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Argumentative essay

Assalamualaikum :)

     Today our class was started at CLL as usual. Different for today because today we came early than before. Hehehe ~ 

     OK Today we learn about argumentative essay. She asked us whether we know how to make this essay or not. Miss Zue also said did Miss Syazwa Nabila (our lecturer past semester for BEL260) have teach us on how to do it or not and others. All of my classmates said that we already learn on how to make it and still remember a little bit on how to do it. 

     However, Miss Zue said that the argumentative essay for BEL311 is quick difficult rather than BEL260. Miss Zue reaches us on how to do it and she said that this essay is the famous question that always be the favorite in the final. So, we have to give more attention about this. Argue is about agree or disagree on something we want to discuss. It same like our speaking test that we have to agree or disagree about other opinion. Miss Zue said that we need do the argumentative essay according pattern number 3. 



Introduction stating the thesis statement.



Con 1 , with topic sentence + Refutation

Pro 1 , with topic sentence


Con 2 , with topic sentence + Refutation

Pro 2 , with topic sentence


Con 3 , with topic sentence + Refutation

Pro 3 , with topic sentence


Conclusion summarising the main ideas or restating the thesis statement.

     After that, Miss Zue gives us example on how to do this essay and then she also asks us to do it by our own. Miss Zue want we finished the essay on monday and give it to her. The title is WOMEN ARE BECOMING BOLDER AS WELL AS MORE AGGRESSIVE AND MEN ARE MORE SENSITIVE. Support your opinion with reason and examples. Everybody do the thesis statement and show it to Miss Zue. However, that's no all everybody that Miss Zue checked their thesis statement because we do not had much time. Class dismissed at 6 p.m.

     That's all for today ! Thank you :D



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