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Monday, 4 March 2013


 Assalamualaikum :)

     Today our class was started as usual at Dewan Sri Peria . Today we needed to bring a laptop for checked our draft . Our class was started by the forum from Sarah's group . That's include Faiz , Nadia Salihin and Piqa . However , Piqa did not come to class because she had period pain . I hope you will getting well soon my lovely friend :*

     The topic that Sarah's group discuss was about plastic bag . Faiz as a Prime minister of China , Nadia Salihin as a housewife and Sarah as the host . They had explain some fact about our planet that had destroy because of plastic bag . They also gives some ways to reduce using plastic bag . Alhamdulillah they did a well job ! However , because only three people in the forum make it look weird and silence . Krikk krikk krikk krikk ~

     After that , Miss Zue ask us to choose which group is the best , the best host , and the best panel . For me the best group was Nad's group , the best host was Atikah Ahmad and the best panel was Faiz Adha . And also if Miss Zue ask us who's funny panel , I will say its Izzat ! Hihihihi :P

     OK after that , Miss Zue had give us a bright pink colour paper . It have 2 pages. First is self editing and the second is peer editing . We had to finish it because this Friday Miss Zue want the paper back . Miss Zue also said that we need to giving our draft that had been commenting by others friends to Athira . Because Athira has to give it to Miss Zue tomorrow .

     While Miss Zue busy checked other friends draft , Farahani and I editing our references . We actually had a lot of references , but we only use 5 materials . Thats all for today ! Thank you :)


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