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Thursday, 21 March 2013


Assalamualaikum :)

     Today is the last class for BEL311. My class was started at CLL at 8.00 p.m. Suddenly, I feel so sad because this day was the last day I meet Miss Zue. After this, we are difficult to meet like usually. :'(

     Ok today we were did the last semester final examination paper. Orange paper that I tell you before. Remember right? At the night, we were discuss a lot of things about final examination. Miss Zue said that today she just want to discuss about section A and B. However, she also discuss and teach us about section C about argumentative essay. Hehehe ~ You are so good Miss Zue (y) She ask us to do section C and want us submit on Monday. 

     After that, Miss Zue ask us to pass up our portfolio. Even though I do my portfolio last minutes, but I still have submit on the day. Only Inayah and Bariah did not pass up their portfolio because they said that they are not ready and need to tidy up their portfolio. Miss Zue ask them to submit on tomorrow morning at Miss Zue's room.

     Class dismissed at 10 p.m. Suddenly, Miss Zue ask us to went to SL004. She said that she brings some food to us. She said because today was the last day, so that why she brings us some food. I was felt so sad because she so too nice even we are always make his feel angry and dissapointed. Sorry Miss Zue! Even though we are always make you feel angry and dissapointed, we are really love you! Ohh yaaaaa thank you a lot Miss Zue because brings some food to us. :')

     Seriously, I’m very proud got Miss Zue to lecturing us because she very kind to help all the thing even she little bit strict. I know that she become little bit strict because she want to help us to do better for BEL311 paper. BEL311 for this semester is different and more hard compared for last paper BEL260. 

     Then, after we were finish eaten all the food, we were take a picture with Miss Zue. Miss Zue also give a speech and advise to us. Everyone felt sad and some of us crying. So sad ok! THANK YOU TO MISS ZUE FOR ALL THE THINGS THAT YOU GAVE TO US! I LOVE U MISS ZUE!:*



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