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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Preparation for speaking test

 Assalamualaikum :)

     Today , we needed to do speaking practice for preparation speaking test on next week . Before we started our practice , Miss Zue explains to us how to do the speaking test . After that , Miss Zue divided us to 8 groups for speaking test next week . We ask Miss Zue to choose our own group but Miss Zue did not agree . So , my groups were Sarah , Eyka Kardi and Nina .

     After that , Miss Zue was choose Faiz's group as the example on how the speaking test will going . The title that given to Faiz's group was about 'Punctuality Among Malaysian People' . We will given 1 minute to read the question and 5 minutes to write down our points and 20 minutes for discussion .

     We also provided by Miss Zue a paper that have a rubric on how we graded by Miss Zue . So , we will give mark to Faiz's group today . Miss Zue also gives us papers on how to do the speaking test it like what we can use if we want to interrupt other person about the opinion . 

     After the discussion ended , Miss Zue asks us how much the mark we given to them . Most of us give the same mark as Miss Zue giving to them . Miss Zue also commented about them and what we have to do and what we had not to do . Congrats to Inayah and Faiz because gets a higher marks . While so pity to Asnawi and Ana because gets a lower mark . Its okay ! Both of you can do more better than today . INSYALLAH :D

     Before the class ended , Miss Zue gives us 6 sets of questions about topic for speaking test . That is we have to do during the weekend . Thanks you Miss Zue ! Tonight we still have replacement class at SL and we will do compare and contrast essay .

     That's all ! Thank you :)


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