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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Outlining Again !

     Assalamualaikum ! :) Today we were still focused on outline . Today we had to bring a laptop to the class again . Farahani and I had done the outline yesterday because we don't have a class at 4-6 pm . Miss Zu entered the class and check the group that Miss Zu didn't check yesterday . She want us do the best . She taught us a lot of things and correct our mistake . Thanks Miss Zue ! We love you <3 

     Farahani and I was excited to checked with Miss Zue because we want to completed our term paper early . After check one by one , Miss Zue checked our outline and Alhamdulillah she satisfied . ^____^ After that , we decide to print it and try to submit on Wednesday because on Thursday I want back home . Yeahhhh !  

     Before class dismissed , Miss Zue also said that tomorrow is the last day for us to asked her question about the outline term paper and who doesn't completed their outline , they need finished the outline before Friday . That's all for today . Thank you :)


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