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Monday, 18 February 2013


     Assalamualaikum guys ! :) Today my class was started at Dewan Sri Peria . Today Miss Zue teach us about Inferences . This is for the reading section in final paper .

     Inferences is what you read between the lines or the author want you , as a reader to guess what actually he or she mean . For example : When we see someone have a big house or big car , we will make assumption that he or she is rich but we don't even know that he or she is rich or not . That's called Inferences . When we read something our inside voices will :

  • make guesses

  • find connecting point

  • ask question

  • make prediction

  • personalize the reading 

  • uses background knowledge to interpret.

     To make us more understand what's Inferences , Miss Zue was created one game that's called "Who Kill Mr Boddy ? " . Miss Zu give us a card that have a picture where Mr Boody being kill , what kind of weapon of Mr Boody being kill , and How kill Mr Boddy . Everyone got a different card and we have to check one by one card . So, we need to guess and make prediction or assumption based on the clues that Miss zu gave . I think my classmates don't understand how to played the game . Lastly , Wasim was solved the problem . I think he know this game because he had done this game last semester . So , he had an experience .

     Then , Miss Zue prepared another game . We have been divided into 5 group and my members group were Inayah , Eyka Kardi and Wasim . At this game we also need to guess what happen next . Miss zue were played the video clip of Toy story3  , Walk to remember and Grenade by Bruno Mars . Honestly , I dont like to watch English Movie or video clip . So , I doesn't saw these video before . 

     My group got only 1.5 marks . Huhu So pity right ! We just got one correct answers . Sorry for my members group because I doesn't give the best in our group . 

     Before class dismissed , Miss Zue said that tomorrow she doesn't enter to the class . So , we just need to complete our blog because Miss Zue want to see our blog at the next class . Class dismissed at 4p.m . That's all for today . Thank you :)



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